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my roots

I am a transformational leader. I help clients by co-creating a realistic and achievable lifestyle that optimizes health and well-being. I am able to this because I have been on the healing path for about 20 years. After figuring out my traumas were the result of my body manifesting dis-ease, I started out on my journey to heal my heart and soul, which in turn has played a very big role in healing my body as well. I started to question the conventional way of handling our health and realized that I had to take responsibility for the emotions and energies and food I was feeding my body. This helped me get to some of the ROOT CAUSES of my issues and I started to see results int he way I was feeling and healing. I had old traumas that ran deep in my body and emotional and subtle bodies and not only did I have to accept that I was the reason for this dis-ease but i had to work through these issues and find modalities that resonated with me on a spiritual, intellectual and sustainable level.

My first stop was a yoga teacher training.

Next up was breath work and conscious living.

which took me to functional medicine coaching.

and led to a 2 year certification program to become a yoga therapist. and boom! here I am, years later... healthier, happier, in harmony with my environment and still a work in progress.

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what i do

I work with my clients in a collaborative process that promotes self-empowerment and self love to equip an individual to adapt positively to their internal and external landscape to create a spirit of resilience and a lifestyle that promotes wellness, wholeness and is proactive in the pursuit of optimal health and longevity. It is ROOT CAUSE exploration!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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